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Document confidentiality

Legal affairs involve plenty of confidential information and sensitive personal data, that’s something attorneys and advisors are used to deal with. They have developed their own security protocols for data shredding, both those recorded on digital support or physical support. Particulars, companies and institutions want their data safe for a number of reasons, from privacy to corporate secrets and protection from identity theft. It is fundamental for public officers to make sure the information they work with is kept safe during the process, and then either carefully destroyed or safely stored, according to their needs and the characteristics of the process.

However, translators and interpreters might not be as familiar with data safety protocols. This is of critical importance, because they will be entrusted with very sensitive information, in the form of documents and personal records with which they will have to work. The same care they put on choosing the right words and phrasings to translate the vital texts they work with, they must also put on making sure the original documents are safe all the time. This might even mean that they must make sure documents are properly disposed of. The only safe way to dispose of these documents, which is doable in a city, is secure shredding.

Data shredding: how to do ir right

You might be wondering what’s the point of hiring a company to process your confidential documents if all you have is make sure data isn’t read by unwanted eyes. Simple actions like painting over numbers and names with a black marker or ripping them into pieces might be enough, right? Hiring a shredding company might sound like a waste of money.

However, safely disposing of confidential data isn’t as easy as you think. People can make a lot of money and put their hands on very valuable secrets if they access confidential information, so they will put a great deal of effort in reconstructing documents. They won’t mind spending hours putting papers back together piece by piece like a puzzle. Also, there are chemical or technical procedures that allow to read information that’s been covered with ink or another substance. As you can see, protecting information by altering or ripping documents isn’t a safe way to do so.

Paper shredding is a specific process that disposes of paper by safely destroying information that it contains. Special machines will cut paper in very small stripes that are virtually impossible to put back together. The leftovers will be destroyed and with them, all the information of your clients or consultants will be out of the reach of ill-intended hands.

Unless you buy a very powerful shredding machine, which is an expensive investment, you can hire a shredding company to destroy the documents for yourself. If you can certify that you safely dispose of all originals you work with in your translation tasks, you will gain credibility and trust from your clients, who will date to give you their utterly valuable documents for translation.

Shredding companies

Just as with all safety concerns, hiring a shredding company is a delicate issue. You must make sure you´re hiring people you can trust, who will destroy the papers instead of selling their content for a very sweet amount. Here is a brief list of reputed and reliable shredding companies you can trust.

Shred First is one of our favourites because its service is very convenient. When you work with Shred First, instead of taking documents to their facilities, they will come with their equipped vehicles and shred documents on site. Citrus Security Shredding is another good option which also includes on site shredding, but you can also hire them to destroy the physical support of digital data, like flash drives and hard drives.

If you’re still unsure on these services, some companies offer free trials. Assured Security Shredding is now offering one free month of service, so you can try out and decide for yourself. Their process is very convenient, you don’t have to prepare documents - remove clips or bindings, for example - and they will recycle all the materials to give them a good use in the future.

If your company or office is located at a faraway or rural place, and most shredding companies won’t reach you, The Shred Centre has UK-wide coverage, so it’s your best option in such a case. They also provide complete shredding services, and make sure your clients’ data stays a secret.

Ask for quotations and make your decision, if you hire a shredding company you will be providing a better service.

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