One of the main reasons why smokers have a hard time quitting is the fact that they have learned to associate the pleasure they obtain from smoking with certain habits and situations. Smokers tend to become psychologically dependent on their cigarettes. Some can’t start the day without a cigarettes and a cup of coffee. Others can’t enjoy a few drinks with their friends without lighting a cigarette. People whose smoking have been integrated into their daily lives find it more difficult to break free of the habit. Their mind simply tries not to break and established pattern of behavior. For these smokers, going cold turkey is a painful experience. It feels that something is amiss in their daily existence. Experienced smokers become more tolerant to the effects of nicotine, up to the point that a single cigarette can’t provide them with much of a rush. Yet they still smoke one or two during several activities, just because it has become a habit for them.

People who are psychologically dependent on the act of smoking during certain activities can help fool their minds by taking up electronic cigarettes. These devices emulate the actual smoking experience, without the adverse effects of the various chemicals found in regular cigarettes. People who smoke cigarettes every morning can replace them with e cigs. Individuals who need to smoke whenever they are stressed out can light up an e cigarette, even in non-smoking areas. There has been a rise in the number of e cigarette users in the United Kingdom. As more and more people become acutely aware of the hazards of tobacco and nicotine, e-cigs are poised to become more common. Most of the electronic cigarette uk dealers offer cater to people looking to quit tobacco smoking.

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